If you want to simplify and manage your life, you need a system – for everything! 

You need journals, planners, checklists, cheatsheets, workbooks and more! And you can find them here – at Simple Systems for Life!

Find what you need to manage your life and household tasks, such as cleaning and decluttering. 

Get a handle on your life with a journal or daily planner.

Find what you need for an organized, simplified, and managed life – Simple Systems for Life.


Simplify your life

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Simple Systems for Life


Let’s face it. Life can get pretty hectic and often overwhelming. And every day is filled with so many decisions. How do you manage it all?

Let Simple Systems for Life be your go-to place for finding solutions that save you time, money and energy! We are continuing to add products that take the guesswork out of cleaning, decluttering, and daily household tasks. And all for very affordable prices. Continue to check back for new products!

Who do you turn to if you have a toothache? A dentist, right?

Who do you turn to if you are sick? A doctor, right?

Who do you turn to if you need tips to manage your home life, lifestyle, or food choices? Don’t know? I’ll tell you – a home economist!

And not just any home economist – turn to a “reimagined” home economist, with years of experience teaching, writing, and supervising curricula.

That’s me! I’m Vicki Peel, and I approved this message!!

I’ve taught, developed, and used many of the systems you’ll find here that will save you time, energy, and money, just as they did for me all these years.

If you need help solving a specific problem, click on the Get Help tab above and let me know what you need. I want to make products that work for you.

To the joy and peace of your intentional life,

Vicki Peel